JUNE 06 - 09, 2024

SM City Seaside, Cebu, Philippines

Since its inception in 1993, CebuCON: Construction Show Cebu has undergone a transformative journey mirroring the dynamic shifts within the ever-evolving built industry. Over the years, CebuCON has consistently positioned itself at the forefront of industry progress, with innovation serving as its beating heart. From its roots as a construction-centric event, the show has gracefully evolved into CebuCON Build Expo, embracing a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional construction boundaries. This transformation underscores CebuCON’s commitment to showcasing not only groundbreaking technologies and materials but also fostering a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected facets of the built environment. As CebuCON Build Expo marks three decades of existence, it stands as a testament to its enduring legacy in building business networks, uniting professionals, and driving the future of the construction and building industry.

Highlights of the 28th CebuCON